We Build Concrete Relationships

Commercial concrete takes some abuse and that’s why Beacon Contracting is Olathe’s best choice for commercial concrete repair. We are Olathe’s commercial concrete repair specialists. Our concrete repairs last. Whether you need simple repairs, maintenance, restoration or concrete structural rehabilitation, Beacon can handle the job. We also tear out and remove old concrete.

Concrete Replacement Solutions for Olathe

With the freeze and thaw cycle here in the Midwest, Olathe concrete can really suffer. If concrete is not sealed properly, water seeps in, freezes and causes cracking, peeling, chipping, heaving, and buckling. Bad concrete is not to be taken lightly especially in public places where people walk every day. A buckled or sunken sidewalk is a safety hazard and businesses can’t take a chance of someone getting injured and a possible lawsuit. When it’s commercial concrete repair, the sooner you repair the problem, the better. That’s why Beacon Contracting has a fast turn-around response time. If you have problems with concrete at your Olathe business, call Beacon and we’ll be there fast.

Experience Commercial Contractors

Not only do we repair your concrete fast, we make sure it will last. Our years of experience have led to a track record of excellent performance. Ask other Olathe businesses who’ve used Beacon and they’ll tell you that our work lasts. We take care to use the right mix for the job, pour it properly, and seal it to protect it so it will stand the test of time. We follow continual quality improvement and defect prevention practices. When you hire us to repair your commercial concrete, you can be sure that we will provide quality workmanship. Our crew leaders have years of experience to get the job done right and our qualified concrete inspectors perform reliable inspections.

Safety First

Additionally, we follow all safety standards, comply with all construction codes and regulations, and honor all contract requirements. And we do all this at very cost-effective prices. There is simply no better choice for commercial concrete repair in Olathe than Beacon Contracting. If you need commercial concrete repairs, please call today at (816) 524-4230.