We Build Concrete Relationships

Not all commercial concrete repair companies in Lenexa are created equal. Beacon Contracting is the best. Concrete repairs in the Midwest are inevitable. With the freeze and thaw cycle in Olathe, concrete really takes a beating. If not sealed properly, it’s only a matter of time before concrete starts to deteriorate. Chipping, flaking and peeling are the first signs, but when cracking, heaving, sinking and buckling occur, they can pose safety threats. No business can afford to have dangerous sidewalks, steps, ramps, etc. that could cause customers to injure themselves. It’s not worth the risk of a lawsuit. When commercial concrete repairs are needed, call Beacon Contracting. Not only will we fix it right, we’ll fix it fast.

Quality With Concrete That Lasts

And when it comes to quality, Beacon is number one. Our concrete lasts. We practice continual quality improvement and defect prevention methods. When we repair, restore or perform structural rehabilitation, you can be sure it will last for years to come. Our team of concrete specialists knows the right mix to use and how to pour it properly. We seal our concrete when we are finished to protect it from the Lenexa winters. Ask any of our previous customers in Lenexa if they are happy with their commercial concrete work. Our customers’ satisfaction is our best sales tool. We are proud of the quality we provide and we stand behind it. Our team not only provides outstanding service, but our solutions are cost effective as well.

Beacon Contracting Gets The Job Done Right

When you hire a professional commercial concrete company for your Lenexa concrete repair needs, not only can you rest assured that we will do the job right, we will make sure you’re happy with every aspect of the job-cost, communication and quality. We ensure safety by complying with all construction codes and regulations, safety requirements and good workmanship practices. We provide quality crew leaders and concrete inspectors and we honor all contract requirements. Our years of experience have led to a track record of superior performance. So call Beacon Contracting today for the best commercial concrete repair work in Lenexa.