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concrete sidewalk installKansas City’s Commercial Concrete Repair Specialists

Beacon Contracting is a commercial concrete contractor who provides repair, restoration, maintenance, and concrete structural rehabilitation services.

Fast Commercial ConcreteRepair
Cracking, chipping, or buckling concrete is not only unattractive to look at, many times it can pose a safety hazard. Uneven concrete is a commonly reported source of injury. Tripping over a raised piece of concrete or stepping into a sunken spot without warning can cause people to fall and injure themselves. Businesses can’t risk being liable for injuries that occur on their property. Furthermore, if concrete is left to deteriorate, it can lead to structural instability. It can even be the symptom of instability that tells the owner of the building that it needs to be repaired for safety reasons.

Quality Commercial Concrete Repair
When it’s commercial concrete repair, the sooner you repair the problem, the better. We’ll repair, restore or perform structural rehabilitation for optimal performance.  Our team has provided not only outstanding service, but cost-effective solutions as well. Our years of experience have led to a track record of superior performance. When you hire Beacon to repair your concrete, you can be assured that we will:

  • Ensure Safety First
  • Provide Quality Workmanship
  • Provide Quality Crew Leaders
  • Honor All Contract Requirements
  • Perform Quality Concrete Inspections with Qualified Inspectors
  • Continual Quality Improvement and Defect Prevention
  • Comply with Construction Codes and Regulations, Safety Requirements, Good Workmanship

If you need commercial concrete repairs, please call today or fill out our “Estimate Request” form on the right, and someone will contact you within the next business day. If you have more urgent needs, please call us directly at (816) 524-4230.