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Kansas City ConcreteWhen it comes to ADA compliant concrete services in Kansas City, Beacon Contracting is the company to call. The ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, was passed in 1990 to ensure equal opportunity for people with disabilities in employment, government services, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and transportation. When a company is found to have concrete sidewalks, ramps, or entries that are not in compliance, there is a risk of a discrimination lawsuit from offended parties.

At Beacon Contracting, we are concrete experts when it comes to ADA compliance. We have helped both large businesses and small become ADA compliant including QuikTrip and Bank of America. There are very strict specifications this concrete work must meet to qualify for compliance. If you want your Kansas City business to get ADA compliant concrete ramps, commercial tactile mats, or an ADA compliant parking lot, call Beacon Contracting to make sure the job is done correctly.

Commercial Concrete Ramp Repair and Installation for ADA Compliance

Many people think that if a building is older than 1990, it is “grandfathered,” and doesn’t have to comply with the federal regulations set forth by the ADA. This is not true. All building owners are obligated by law to remove any and all barriers to entry by someone with a disability. If your building entrance has no wheelchair accessible ramps, your business is not ADA compliant. When installing ADA compliant ramps, there are very specific rules you must follow. Any old ramp at any random angle will not suffice. The angle of a ramp and the slope must fall within very specific guidelines to be compliant.

Installing Tactile Mats for Commercial Properties in KC

Commercial tactile mats, also called truncated domes, are also required for ADA compliance. Tactile mats are pads that contain raised dots that warn blind people and those with impaired vision that they have come to the edge of a crosswalk or other potentially dangerous area. They are usually a different color than the surrounding concrete to help those with impaired vision see them. Typical colors are yellow or black. The mats can also be used in wheelchair ramps, bus stops, sidewalk ramps, etc. Also called ADA mats, they are actually not concrete, but a blend of rubber, TPR and color pigments. A very sticky pressure sensitive adhesive holds them firmly in place.

Parking Lots that Meet ADA Compliance Standards

When designing a parking lot for ADA compliance, there are several areas to consider from access aisles and striping to slope and non-slip surfaces. There are slightly different specs for van accessible spaces vs. car accessible parking spaces. When you hire Beacon Contracting, we will make sure your parking lot is ADA compliant in every way.

ADA Concrete Experts for Commercial Properties in Kansas City

Don’t take the risk of being sued because you are ADA non compliant. Call Beacon Contracting today. Our owner, Don Bishop, brings 30 years of concrete experience to every project. We have been helping Kansas City businesses meet compliance standards at an affordable price and we can help you too. Whether you own a small business or you’re a commercial property manager with hundreds of properties, Beacon Contracting can handle the job. Let the Beacon ADA compliance experts upgrade your commercial property. For concrete repairs and installation in KC, call Beacon Contracting today for a free estimate at (816) 524-4230.

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